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Why Spain?

In addition to sunny climate, great places for a holiday stay with endless beaches and mountain resorts, delicious cuisine, shaped along centuries national traditions, hospitable and friendly population, Spain is attractive for investors because of the conditions for investments offered by this country.

Legislation on foreign investments in the country is one of the most modern in the world.

Also, still reasonable prices, compared to other European countries. In addition, the drop in prices per square meter in the country is very large (sometimes the difference reaches 90%) and does not depend only on the proximity to the resorts, but also on the areas in the selected city, on the development of infrastructure, on the attractions located nearby, views and other factors.

Since 2008, property prices in Spain fell by more than 40-50%. However, in 2014-15 the fall has practically stopped, which was the basis for many experts to conclude that the Spanish property market has reached the minimum value, and the fall in the near future be replaced by growth. This is confirmed by data on the real estate market of two major capital cities (Madrid and Barcelona) and several resort areas, where property prices have already started to grow. Therefore, the investor with any financial capability will be able to find an object to satisfy his liking and conditions.

Transparent tax policies. Legal protection of business and investment. Providing long-term loans with low annual interest rate for the purchase of real estate.

Currently, banks provide financing up to 80% of the cost of purchased object.

High standards of living.

  • Well-developed modern educational and health system.
  • High level medicine.
  • Good environment.
  • High-quality and inexpensive products.
  • Highly developed infrastructure.

For non-EU citizens - the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Spain. For investors, who makes a great contribution to the economy, the Spanish Law 14/2013 of foreign investment attraction implies the provision of the so-called investor visas and residence.

Thus, foreign investments in Spain are well protected by the law and supported by the state.

However, it would be a mistake to believe that tourism in our day is the only field worth of attention and money. Investing in this country can be in:

  • building;
  • production;
  • real estate activity;
  • catering business;
  • supermarkets;
  • fashion boutiques;
  • petrol stations;
  • private clinics;
  • training centers (ranging from kindergarten to, for example, diving school);
  • organization of events
  • and much more.

In addition, Spain is not such an expensive country, like, say, France or Germany. In addition, the optimism and positive attitude of the Spaniards largely contribute to a favorable atmosphere in the business and comfortable living.

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